Is it compulsory to buy AmiBroker to use Pi Bridge, if I use Python/C++ instead of AFL?

I just downloaded Pi. Being a linux user, I had to be content with Kite for trading. However, I have decided to switch to automatic trading through Pi Bridge. The Pi Bridge status is currently in ‘Pending Activation’ status for me. I have just finished coding a basic strategy, which I need to test on past feeds. I understand that I can use the free trial of NeoTrade for the data. However, will I be able to do this, without buying AmiBroker, if I use Python and not AFL? Or is AmiBroker a must, for automatic trading using Pi Bridge, irrespective of the scripting language?

yes, you can use socket programming to connect using py, c++

were you able to use python client with Neotrade feed?
If you need more information on how to use it follow the blogpost
Warm Regrads,
Neotrade Analytics

I haven’t tried it, as I need to get the Pi Bridge working first. I will need the trial period to ensure that my environment is setup properly!

Well, socket programming would come after Pi bridge allows me to write scripts in Python/C++ or any other language. Right now, I am not able to install Pi Bridge, as it says “Amibroker installation not found”. The installer on is not the generic one, but seems to be the one for Amibroker!

Zerodha support asked me to ignore the Amibroker related error message. It worked, and I can now successfully fire orders from my python script!

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@ pybull - Do you necessarily need feed from Neoanalytics to fire trade orders using Pi bridge and using Pyrhon to write the codes?

The feed from Neoanalytics is required to get the live stock quote. The prices returned by Pi Bridge are always zero, so you need to get the prices from a secondary source like Neoanalytics, for your strategy. You could try to scrape the prices from google or yahoo, but if you make more than a couple of requests per minute, they might make you pass captchas! So yeah, its not mandatory to fire orders, but without the price, your strategy would be directionless.

I can pull minute by minute prices via R programming from google finance. I have my strategies coded in R and want to trade intraday equity using Pi bridge in semi-automated way. I will be able to code the same strategies using Python. So is there a way in which the miniute data from google can be used in Zerodha without subscribing to Neoanalytics feed?

Have you all seen this : check out the publisher documentation. Also this:

@pybull, I didnt find any way to use my python script to run with pi, please advice me how to do it?

Please check the Zerodha webinar on youtube. It gives a detailed explanation of how to establish the connection, get data, and send orders. This video is also available on QuantInsti website.