Is it ok to take out profits form sip when market is up

Is it ok to take out profit gain in SIP when the market is high? To minimise the loss.

Seems like a logical thought, BUT this is what will naturally happen in the following weeks after you redeem your SIP.

Once the redeemed SIP money reaches your trading account you hands won’t remain quiet.

Now, you are thinking about making it grow further by investing in mid caps , small caps or penny stocks.

Or may be, you want to try a bit of daytrading yourself with your SIP savings.

A few weeks after, you will notice that your SIP capital is drained off by your own efforts to save it.

SO, the wise thing to do now is to keep your hands away from the mouse and do nothing.

Leave your SIP savings alone for the next 15 -20 years, you will be more pleased this way.

NO average investor can time the market tops and bottoms.


Amen to that!

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All said in one reply hands down :pray:

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Booking profits in Market ups (We never know when market is up anyway) is defeating the purpose of SIP. SIP teaches us discipline in a systematic way regardless market condition (UP or DOWN). Keep investing is the motto of SIP. Taking profit also will deprive you from compounding your principle.

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Can we add lumpsum amount to an ongoing sip ?

You should definitely not do the above.

However, you could exit the MFs at the top and BUY the same MFs back again when the market uptrend starts again after the downtrend.

Hmm, if I got it right, you probably can’t, or only the minimal.