Is it possible in streak for commodity

Hi Experts,

Would like to know the possibilities in streak

Indicators: Renko + Super trend + RSI
Time Frame: 5 minutes

For buy
Super trend signals for buy
Renko form 2 or 3 green boxes after Super trend buy signal
RSI above 50

Is it possible write algo for the above condition in streak?

How could it possible… ? We can’t predict future… but some indicators may work for small time of period … I think you must observe market trends… and don’t go against the violent trend
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Hi @vadi,

Yes, but note that Renko brick formation is based on OHLC data so alert might get generated after the formation when 2 or more consecutive candle forms after Supertrend gives a bullish indication.

Watch this webinar to understand this.

Here is the condition for this

Close(-2) higher than Supertrend(7,3,-2) and
Close(-1) higher than Open(-1) and
Close(0) higher than Open(0) and
RSI(14,0) higher than 50

Yes you can write algorithms for these conditions. Make sure you also keep an eye on the live movements as well. Continuous movements in the market can make the trend prediction a little more trickier.