Is it possible to buy shares on margin and square on T+5 basis without the shares being delivered to my demat account?

I read somewhere that brokers can provide this facility by holding the bought shares in their pool account and not delivering the same to the client’s demat account. How does this work?

If this is possible, would I be charged for delivery or would it be treated as trading?

Yes there are a few brokers who let you do this, but this is considered as a delivery trade not really an intraday trade and hence the charges will also be as a delivery trade (STT and brokerage).

Nithin : Why Zerodha is not offering this kind of margin?

With leverage comes risk, and we as a business don’t want to take any of it on our head, especially with our pricing model. For the really active guys(atleast a 5lk + account), we can help setup a margin trading account through ILFS, where you can use the extra margin not just for 5 days but for as long as you want at a nominal interest rate.