Is it possible to cancel AMO in Pre Open time?

if I have AMO placed after market hours and wanted to cancel it before market opens. is this possible? cancel after 9.00am

All equity amo orders will be sent to exchange by 9.00 am, once order is placed it will become regular order in case if you wish to cancel the order before market open, then you have to cancel the order before 9:07 am, once pre-open session closes then you will be able to cancel the orders only after 9:15 am only.

F&O amo orders can be canceled before 9:10 am, after that, you will be able to cancel only aftermarket open (9.15 am).


f&o amo order can be cancelled before 9:10 am?

Yes, You cancel F&O amo orders before 9:10 am, once it crosses 9:10 am then you have wait for markets to open to cancel the order.