Is it possible to code based on nifty index points?

This is my scenario.

I bought nifty index option at 8000. after some time it becomes 8020(after buying it is maximum index). after that index decreased by 5 points, so nifty is 8015, here i have to sell it.

Now 8015 (after buying it is lowest index). If it increased +10 points, then i have to buy it.

If it is continuously increasing, don’t sell it, when it is decreased by 5 points sell it. If it is continuously decreasing don’t buy it. once it is increased +10 points from the lowest, then it has to buy.

Hmm… :slight_smile: will advised you to not use any of these kind of strategies.

But yes, it is possible, you can use Amibroker or similar such tool for this. On zerodha pi also it is possible, if you define the startign point (8000) in this case.

Thanks Nithin. Is it possible to write code for this using Trade script or any other scripting language required?. If it possible i need code. AlgoGreek can you try for this :).