Is it possible to create mandates from 2 bank accounts?

I have 2 bank accounts linked with Zerodha.
Is it possible to create separate mandates with the two banks, so that we can automatically transfer funds from 2 different sources?


@mohitmehra Can you.

No, you will not be able to use both banks simultaneously to schedule your transfers. You can create a mandate from any of the two bank accounts but only using one at a time. In case you want to change the bank account you are using to auto-transfer funds, you will need to:

  1. Cancel registration of the existing bank mandate
  2. Create a new bank mandate like you did for the first time

Why few banks are not on the list of mandate registration pages on the console, Is that the bank should be approved by NPCI for the mandate registration?

Yes, the bank should be on the NPCI’s list of banks supporting e-Mandates. Link to the list is available here.