Is it possible to create trailing stop of say .10 paise in BO?

Can we do this?

Stock Price is currently say 48.40

We want to enter a BUY position when 48.50 and apply SL of 50 paise and target of 30 Paise
Also want to put a trailing stoploss of 10 paise (2 ticks 0,05Paisex2)

if not, then alternatively if this is possible we put target, SL and trailing SL in terms of ticks?
say we enter BUY at 48.50 target is 5 ticks SL is 48 and Trailing SL is 3 ticks (1 tick = 5 paise)

How can we achieve this order?

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Trailing-stoploss is a part of the Bracket Order product type. Currently, BO only functions as a limit order and you cannot use BO to buy above the current market price. So if the stock CMP is at 48.40, then your BO buy order can execute only at 48.40 or below. If you place an order above 48.40, BO being a limit order, it will consider the CMP of 48.40 as the best available price and execute at that price.
Also, the minimum trailing stoploss in BO is 1. Hence, you will not be able to keep a trailing SL of 5 paisa or 10 paisa.

Currently, the only way you can achieve this is using MIS where there is no trailing SL option. You can place an MIS Buy SL order with trigger=48.50 and price=48.55 along with a sell limit target of 48.80. Once your Buy order executes, you’ll have to place your stoploss at 48.

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I understand SL 1 is 1Rs. So I guess BO can be used in scrips where there is high liquidity and prices in the range 1000-2000 as there market moves with Rs1 is fairly common?

Well, BOs can be placed in any of the scrips in which it is allowed because there is no limitation on the targets and stoplosses. You can place a target of 30 paisa and a stoploss of 20 paisa if thats the requirement.
But I guess Trailing SLs work better in stocks that are priced above a certain point and yes, liquidity certainly helps.