Is it possible to only buy using indicator

I want to only buy and hold stocks whenever RSI of a stock goes below a specific number. I want to do this to accumulate a stock whenever the signal is triggered. It is kind of an SIP but linked to a technical indicator.

Is that possible on Streak?


@Streak can you.

Yes @Filmy_Prabhu, you can create a basket containing stocks that you want to buy and hold and then run a scanner on this basket. The scan condition will be as per your requirement


You can take the scanner live and whenever you get an alert, you can take more stocks.

Is it possible to backtest and see how much return is delivered using this strategy?

No this is a scanner and not a strategy. In a strategy when you take an entry, there has to be an exit so that the trade is completed. Only then you can enter a second trade on the same stock and strategy. So accumulation cannot be backtested using Streak currently.