Is it possible?

I am a beginner in the field of stock market, I have been through Zerodha varsity, but still there is a doubt, suppose a hypothetical situation where Nifty 50 Jan fut is closed today at 10641 and tomorrow it opens directly at 10700 so there is a difference of 59 points ( max profit 59*75 =4425) and I want to trade tomorrow with intraday approach . My question is ,if it is really possible to get this profit in a day then what type of order should I place and at what time? Thank you. Zerodha Rocks.

You can place order type as MIS.
It means Margin intraday square off. You can place MIS orders right anytime after market opens at 9-15 AM.

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ok I understand, so I am going to get Nifty Fut at 10641 or 10700, If I book order as soon as the market opens, It is important to calculate the profit…

Hi Yuvraj,

Since you are a beginner and new to the Zerodha platform, I would strongly advise you to start with trades that carry lower risk and give you an opportunity to learn first. Trading directly in futures is not a good idea unless you have a solid understanding of how intraday trading works.

I recommend to:

  • Take trades in cash segment first,
  • Build familiarity with Zerodha, and
  • Develop clear understanding of brokerage & other charges.
  • read some good books (search for them on this forum)

Then, you should test a few strategies - again in small quantities. Once you start seeing consistent results, increase the position size (i.e. amount). Only after doing all the above, you would be ready for intraday trading in futures (in my humble opinion).

I know this sounds very boring :grin: but trust me, too many new comers burn their fingers by jumping into this market without understanding the risks involved.

One simple cricket analogy : if you can just stay on the pitch (even without making any runs) for first 10 overs you will develop such an understanding of the field that you are sure to win in the end. Like that, if you can survive in the market for 6 months-1 year (even without making any money), you will learn so much that you’re sure to make money in the long run.

So, don’t get out too soon by taking risky shots in the first over.

Neha (


Spaceship and Neha R. आप दोनों का बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया …जय हिंद.

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You will only get 10700 tomorrow.
10650 is today’s close - so to catch it you need to buy before 3:30 today
Tomorrow market opens at 10700, so you wont get anything other than that.
It is not like a test cricket… kal ke score se aage shuru

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Neha madam, I was wondering how do u manage to post big detailed lengthy responses. Even though , at times I post long answers but seeing your posts, I feel like I m just posting one liners. :smile:

I type fassssst :blush:

I Totally agree with you.
Not everyone is Virender Sehwag. :pray:

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thanks maddy_Des. This is exactly what I wanted to know.