Is it right time to buy lupin at around 830?

Is it right time to buy Lupin around 830.Because slow and fast stocestics

I would wait and watch if there will be more downside to this. But otherwise a fundamentally strong stock.

I have very less amount invested on it. Still I’ll wait before adding more.

Technical indicators ex.willams,slow stockiestics,fast stockiestics have been changed headng bullish.

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I think no. I exited this stock last week. Primary reason for this was their CFO himself announced that 2017-18 will be a year of struggle for Lupin. Plus Lupin is facing hard time with USFDA. You may read couple of articles like the one below which may help you take an informed decision:

In general, Pharma sector is trying to make a comeback frm the technical point of view. Specific to Lupin u need to study the technicals n decide will Lupin also join the rally. One gud news abt Lupin is on Thursday, Promoters hv bought 50000 shares according to bloomberg news.

Thanks a lot regarding suggestions of Lupin

i think cipla and lupin are being removed from nifty…chk dat also…

Wait is all what i can suggest for sometime . But a good stock to watch out for . Anything around 775 levels would be a good entry with adequate margin of safety

Thanks a lot for suggestion

According to PIVOT Chart ( weekly ),
It shows a support at 808.3 from where the stock has bounced back in the last trading session.
Since pharma is bearish, waiting may give you discounted price.

Seems fairly valued at this point, but not grossly undervalued. One more thing I have seen is : Just like an upmove does not end with a sharp rise, a down move too does not end with a sharp fall. Generally there are aftershocks after a big move.You should buy it right now as it is a good time.