Is it right time to buy shilpi cable?

Seems share rate started increasing slowly, is it worth to buy few 1000 shares?

‘Never catch a falling knife’ is what they say. But if you are sure about the fundamentals and growth/earnings prospects of the company, then you can make an informed investment.

Right now the stock is trading at upper circuit levels everyday. It could very well start trading at lower circuit levels where you will not get an exit point. So trade with care and dont get trapped.

It is in Court cases with Singapore based investors. beware of those stocks.

I don’t know how people can even think of investing purely based on Technical Analysis.

Just it coming out of long consolidation so it will break out ? This kind of analysis used for investing ?

New traders or investors should never look at non FnO stocks.

Best option is to stick to Nifty Index Stocks till you get Experience.