Is it still mandatory to link aadhar?


Today Supreme Court gave an order that aadhar linking has been extended indefinitely. Can you please clarify is it still mandatory to link aadhar and trading account?

Vasant P

The aadhar linking page still shows the older deadline, its confusing . Can someone tell whether the date has been surely extended or not?
Thank You

It is applicable to MF investments. so i m assuming its for trading as well.

I asked @nithin to confirm this the day this news came out. I guess even he is not sure.

Deadlines are all extended indefinitely. We will have this updated.


Hi Nithin,
So, is 31st March 2018 not the deadline? Will our accounts continue to be operational without any trading downtime?
Thank you,.

Yeah, they will continue to operate normally even if not linked.

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Thanks so much Nithin.