Is it true? Paytm Money will introduce trading in equities and derivatives?

After mutual funds, Paytm Money wants to start share trading now. Just wanted to know if this is true.

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Is it even interesting news? What is so excitement about??

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It would be just another brokerage firm offering trading platform to its customers. It is always a good option for traders to have several choices. I find it as only benefit. What I am really hoping is that brokerage fees will be lower

yes they may come but, they need to fix customer services first

Can’t trust this company, in the past they have misused client information


Even if they introduce stock broking I don’t think it will be good and I’ll just give you one good reason… Try calling paytm customer service…

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as far as I know he exposes fanatical clowns in the government by placing facts in the public domain.

That happens only if you are using their services free of cost and trying to speak to their customer service, like for enquiries related to top-ups, ticket booking, free wallet transfers etc.

If you are a paid stake holder, like having a business account, you get to call separate number , where an executive attends your call in less than a minute. So, I assume, this concern, wont be an issue with their broking services.

Cost saving or trust, I think, this is something we need to wait and watch after they start their broking services.

They will eat the market share with their state of the art trading platforms. They are not short of funds or engineers to get this done.

either way when a company openly makes political affiliations there is no guarantee that your funds and personal financial information will be used for legitimate purposes when you sign your POA to them. Such data can be used to target you.You need to be careful when you deposit large amounts of funds in their trading account. At the end of the day, its your money so its up to you…I am just telling people to move cautiously.

I too had that impression until I saw a video on “Varanasi”, here he deliberately shown only the negative side of the city, cunningly ignoring all developments happened over there. This shows how much he is biased. I would prefer to listen historian Sanjeev Sanyal on economy, he is quit balance on those subjects. But I agree with your opinion about PayTM, there trustworthiness is seriously questionable.


he deleted that video and posted unedited version from the bbc.

Yes even i heard about the same.

Anything PAYTM I will not touch !
They have wrong relations to political and religious organisations.

@chandru.vks I think they are struggling for extra funds right now. I read some article somewhere, I dont remember where, but I am sure about this.

Paytm to start share trading services soon

1 min read . Updated: 06 Jan 2020, 03:09 PM IST Nikhil Agarwal

  • Paytm Money will soon launch its stock broking services
  • Paytm Money, which is currently offer mutual funds, already has 3 million users

NEW DELHI : Digital investment platform Paytm Money will soon start offering stock market trading services. Paytm’s investment platform has already received approval from markets regulator Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to start stock broking services.

“Waiting to invest in Stock Markets. Our team @PaytmMoney is testing product, order executions, connectivity, infrastructure, operations and much more with stock exchanges today. We know you are eagerly waiting. Soon, very soon,” Paytm Money tweeted.

Waiting to invest in Stock Markets 😊

Our team @PaytmMoney is testing product, order executions, connectivity, infrastructure, operations and much more with stock exchanges today 🚀

We know you are eagerly waiting.
Soon, very soon :slight_smile:

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Paytm Money will offer trading in equities and cash segments, derivatives and ETFs. The start-up hasn’t yet announced its pricing plan yet but it is expected to be in the discount brokerage category which is currently led by Zerodha. The Bengaluru-based discount brokerage firm now contributes to almost 15% of the Indian retail trading volume and is India’s largest retail stockbroker with a customer base of more than 1.5 million.

Besides share trading, Paytm will also offer NPS (National Pension System) services soon as it has approval from the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). It began its mutual fund app in September 2018.

The fully-owned subsidiary of One97 Communications that operates Paytm has over three million users on its investment platform that currently offers mutual fund services. With an investment of ₹250 crore in the next years, Paytm Money aims to become a full-stack investment and wealth management platform.

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PAYTM Money will launch cash. derivatives. ETF and all in one investment and trading products in one umberlla , end of february , check in twitter paytm money

February end PAYTM launching the trading products , LOW cost broking

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How can anybody trust a brokerage like this, over a brokerage like Zerodha who is cash positive ?


Yes I will sticks with zerodha only , there is more competition is coming even jio money also planning to enter ,zerodha want to face a very tough competition

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I would personally like to see Kite become more feature rich and powerful and fast in the coming days. Esp i believe that there is a lot of room for optimization in the overall speed and response time of Kite.

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