Is it true that ichimiko cloud can give a clear idea on what large institutions are betting on

Also what does Chopad level mean.What are its benefits and where and how is it applicable.

Not sure what chopad level means, need to learn that myself.

As far as ichimolo goes, no it does not give a clear idea, it just gives an idea pretty much like any other indicator. By far the best theory on getting and idea on institutional activity (as far as I know) would be the volume spread analysis. 

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Why are you linking Ichimoku cloud with large institutions and also with betting? Aam aadmi too can use it and available in common.

Actually on one video ,i saw that the learning curve moves from Fibonnaci to Elliot Waves and finally to Ichimoku cloud pattern .There it was mentioned that to get a nerve of what big institutions do ,you need to look at what signals from Ichimoku clouds give .Hence was curious

Thanks Karthik.

The Ichimoku cloud indicator looks complex when we first apply it to our technical charts as it has too many components.

It is a technical indicator which tells you everything about the price trends like momentum, direction, volatility, support, resistance and potential reversals.