Is Nifty headed for a correction?

With the way the Chinese stock market and the global stock market is reacting after Evergrande fiasco and the news that China is facing a power shortage and factories are kept shut for an an entire day, do you guys think that there can be sudden selling or pullout in Indian indexes and stocks?

What do you mean by the ‘reaction’ ? Have you actually seen what happened in Chinese and global market ?
Look at the below chart,

  1. SSE Composite Index

  2. DJIA

What reaction can you see here ? You are posting as if, all the markets are crashing.
Do proper research before posting.
‘Price discounts everything’. If there was any such way the global trend is reacting, nifty will change accordingly.
In such a situation, there will be no time for us to react.
The only market in a bear market is Hang Seng Index. That’s not a very big cause of concern.