Is Nifty open today? [A web-based tool, In progress]

[ Tldr: Please visit to know if the market is open today, according to NSE trading holidays. Please provide feedback here. ]

Hi everyone,
I wanted to publicly show something I have been working on for some time. It’s a webapp (a very simple website, really) which shows you if the trading market (NSE) is open today or not.

What problem does it solve?

Sometimes when the prices don’t move after opening at 9:15AM, I get confused whether it is a trading holiday (best case) or my network or Zerodha is having problems. I didn’t find a fast and easy place to check if the market is closed today.
(Searching in Google either gives you inaccurate information or need 3 steps including a download to find the answer. More details here)


Its very much a WIP project, but I’ll try to explain how it can help with the problem and what you can do on the website.

  1. Visit or It will show you Yes/No (with matching green or red colour to make it visually understandable).
  2. The next question that often comes to mind is then is it open tomorrow? If not tomorrow, then what is the next day on which it will finally open?
    This two questions are answered by the 2 bottom panels (below the green/red main panel).
  3. Click on any of those two panels and it’ll show you how the website will look on that day.
    Basically, clicking on the tomorrow panel (bottom left) updates all the panels such that everything is with respect to tomorrow.

That’s all.

Source code is available on github GitHub - bendtherules/is-nifty-open: Is Nifty50 (NSE) market open today?.
Actually, I quickly decided to launch it today as its a long consecutive trading holiday and the screenshot tells that story quite nicely, IMHO.

Please give the website a try. Tell me anything that you don’t like about it, anything that would make the tool useful for you - and i’ll seriously consider adding that quickly.
I know that probably everyone already has their own way of solving this problem (maybe some other website or broker notification or checking the pdf directly) and I’d like to very much know about those options. Infact if there is a good existing solution to this freely available, I’d instead use that one for sure.

Future plans:

I’ll mention a few things below which I already have plans for, but please also comment on which of these would be actually helpful to you.

  1. Show the date for contextual today (like when clicking on tomorrow panel, there is currently no way to understand that all the panels are now showing stuff wrt tomorrow)
  2. Web push notification/ email (optional) for trading holidays
  3. Shows trading hours and how soon it’ll start or stop.
  4. Make the website work offline (after you load it once)

Nifty tool but these people put a list every year :grimacing:

Hmm, this does solve part of the problem and also has much more details.

@Sanket How do you usually keep track of the upcoming holiday? Just check it from time to time?

Twitter, FB, Pulse it pretty much shows up in one place or the other. Personally, I don’t think this is such a big pain point but maybe other traders might find notifications useful. :slight_smile:

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I just add holidays in my mobile calendar.


I am assuming you use Google Calendar for this, which also gives notifications for the events.

I know its not a big deal to add those manually once a year, but maybe sending an invite in email for all these days will help others to add it to calendar in one shot?

I use my stock android calender.
I update once monthly