Is NRML product type not available for equities anymore? Why isn't there an option to short using NRML product type?

Hi, I understand what MIS, NRML and CNC are. Back then when I used to trade, I was able to short stocks using NRML as product type so that I could long the same on any other day.

Now I see that there’s not a NRML product type in Pi. I can’t short using CNC so I only have an option to short using MIS (Intraday).

Is there any way to short stocks today and long them on any upcoming day?

NRML product type is not available for EQ, and you can not short the EQ and carry for next day, shorting the cash market is purely on intraday basis in the MIS product type and CNC for Delivery

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Thanks! It was not the same a few years ago! :slight_smile: I appreciate your clarification! :slight_smile: