Is private messages in this forum is really private?

As the topic says?

As this a Discourse!

I went to search & found this!

Here’s a discussion, like ours regarding that…!

Whether you guys enabled this or not?

If not…:point_down:t2:

And only two members in forum as leader level trust!

So, those are the only ones can see or also all the moderators?

If possible, will it be good to enable that encryption plugin, If it didn’t already enabled?

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I have adminsitered forums. Admins can see anything they want to. Either through backend or through plethora of addons. They can login to your account, they can post on your behalf from their account and what not… Whether they do it or not, lets wait for an answer.

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Oh…I am really new to this kind of forums & stuff!:hushed:

If it’s really true, seems forums are not for privacy!

Even for deleting our account, we want to ask for moderators!

If it’s true, reddit would do better job than this (in terms of privacy, which is one of the imp thing…atleast to me)! :upside_down_face:

I called it first this dude is investigative reporter of some sort.

Dude you seem like the guy who will intrude others privacy the most looking at your posts. :joy: Sorry for saying this out loud.

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Nah! I just got acquainted with some members talking via private messages (in forum it defines as private group)

So, I thought is this really private, what the mechanism behind this as forums, as forums have many walls even for users!

And searched about this & find this!

So, Thought about it & asking this in forum itself!

That’s it…I am not in anyway a journalist :joy: :rofl:

Boss I am telling you if you are not an investigative journalist you should become one. Trust me you will be at the top in no time.


I love FOSS & privacy related things!

I want to contribute to & create several privacy related FOSS…you know!

Do you have an AI to type all this out or do you workout your fingers ever day? Legitimate question, not being cynical.

I am asking because I am thinking of applying for transcription job, and typing at your speed might actually help me.

I am free today… that’s why!

Probably, I will be inactive for upcoming months because of exams!

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I am a fast typer!

But I don’t know how fast compared to others! :thinking: :man_shrugging:t2:

You are right there at the top, trust me.

We need to expedite those exams ASAP!

As @VijayNair rightly pointed out, private messages on any forum are not private.

Btw, Moderators cannot view messages. Only the admin can.

Here at TradingQnA, Unless we feel that someone is breaking community rules ,we have never ever checked on any private messages. :slight_smile:

When do you have your exams? :thinking:

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what exam you have? would be a better question :question:

You are one of today’s lucky 10,000. Welcome to the club! :slight_smile:

Regarding DMs not being private,
it is not something new, nor unique to this forum.

Sooner one learns that, the better it is.
Glad you found about about it already. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Unsolicited advice within. Feel free to click/skip...
  • This is a forum not a real-time-messaging app.
  • Also, noone owes anyone a response here.
  • Also, it is better to say nothing than ramble meaninglessly.
    • Best to find something definitive/substantial and only then reply.

Making provocative statements and then adding this at the end doesn’t help (much).
Speaking from personal experience and feedback i received for such behavior over the years,
too much of frankness, being extremely straightforward, critical-reasoning from first-principles out aloud,
is often perceived by others as someone being an asshole / jerk / troll nowadays.
Subsequently, folks are more likely to ignore even genuine comments/questions as flamebait.

Here’s a wallpaper i made to remind myself to avoid this pitfall…


seems like you love making wallpapers

I have been a fan of xkcd since 2007 or so… I have a folder saved somewhere with a few favourites. There is one to suit every situation i guess :wink:

very nicely phrased indeed & nice wallpaper…

This dialogue exactly suits with my situation in relation with the movie scene.

Thanks for the advice! :slightly_smiling_face: @cvs

I am just typing, whatever I am thinking :pensive:

I got two advices recently from forum!

Probably, I owe an apology to the whole forum, for my immature behaviour.

I am still behaving like, I am sitting in last bench & chit-chatting with my friends :sweat_smile:

Especially, deep hearted sorry for meher_smaran,Nithin,t7support,gnome & several others for my behaviour :smiling_face_with_tear:

Forum is quite formal.

In reddit, where your post, doesn’t noticed by anyone, & you can put whatever you want & probably several others too do the same.

Anyway, still what I have done is wrong!

So, deep hearted apologies!

Probably, this isn’t worth your time for tagging you guys.

So, I didn’t tag anyone, but if you guys see this, do know that I am sorry for my behaviour & whatever difficult situation, I put you in.

Hereafter, I won’t behave like this, & Will try to improve myself.


Man, you are fun. Chill. :hugs: