Is Reliance Industries really worth investing in?

What do you think about the hype and all positive things said about it.
I am thinking to invest 20% of my portfolio.
Thank you.

I also want to buy Reliance but only if the price drops.

You are absolutely right in seeing it from this perspective,
though the Reliance Industry is great, but,
the question most people forget to ask is;
Is its greatness worth the price it is selling now ?

The answer is, that it’s pretty much not cheap now,
if you look at its sources of revenue, some are in loss and some in profit,
the opportunity is created when there is a high-profit earning source,
and if you think there is such a source, then it is worth investing in it.

To know more, you can read this fundamental report;

I hope it helps,
Thank you.


Your opinion on RIL is rational and thanks for sharing the same.
I am more greatful that you shared the Finpedia website. It is a most needed resource for any investor/ trader/speculator. Thanks for sharing the same.


Hey Qrious_Kama,
I’m really glad you liked my answer, thanks.