Is stock a good investment?

Want to Know Is stock a good investment.


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Which stock are you looking at?

Stock is not a good investment. Stocks are good investment.

Well you can draw your own portfolio by having atleast some 20% of any large cap stock or index stock or get a MF(where someone else manages your portfolio of stocks ) or best hold the index, it’s upto you.

It’s not recommended to have just only 1 stock as 100% portfolio(I think this is what you are referring as “is stock a good investment ?”) nor having portfolio entirely filled with low cap or penny stocks.

Investing in stocks is definitely one of the best decisions that one can make to earn good profits. Investing in stocks is lucrative, and if done properly, one can earn huge profits. The only requirement is the investment of time and energy before you start investing in stocks to earn money.

Stock Market is one of the finest way to become wealthy but it’s very hard to earn easy money from this market.

That depends on which stocks you have chosen for investment and what type of investment plan you have in the first place. It will be a good investment if you pick the right stocks after fundamental analysis and keep enough diversification in your portfolio. The first thing to do here is seeking knowledge and understanding the market well before investing in any stock.

There are many good stocks you could consider as strong investments but first you need to do a personal market scan and pick the ones that match your plan and budget. Stocks like HCL, TCS and ITC are good and reliable.

Depending which stock caught your eye and your strategy

Generally yes its a pretty investment depending of course which one you are looking into.

Yes, stock investing is a great concept because it is a fantastic strategy to increase wealth. The Stock Exchange Board of India, also known as SEBI, oversees the Indian stock market. Stocks are a wonderful alternative for anyone considering a long-term investment. The best chance for long-term capital growth is provided by stocks for investors. Investors who have chosen to hold onto stocks for an extended length of time—say let’s 15 years—have typically been rewarded with robust, profitable returns.

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