Is supertrend trustable?

Not sure if I understood the question. Could you post a screen shot of what you are referring to ?


@alphaT Thanks for your reply.

As per your request, attached a picture, please see the arrow mark showing the present value of Supertrend. How to calculate the trend change from this value?

To answer this question I guess Streak will be a great platform. Before you start betting on supertrend just by watching few good old setups on chart can be hazardous for your trading capital. When I started trading I was in love with Moving averages crossover because on a old chart they used to look beautiful. I saw few answers like supertrend is bullshit. I would say check it, back test it. Any changes in indicator setting back test it.

What I believe is either you find perfect stock for indicator or find a perfect indicator for your stock, They both should be in sync. And you should focus more on R:R ratio( Risk to reward ) than accuracy.

Check this

Apologies for the delay in answering!
The value you have pointed to with the yellow arrow is the value of the Supertrend line at that moment in time. The red Supertrend line will flip into a green line once price closes above the current red Supertrend line. I am not sure how you would calculate the Trend change from this value. Supertrend is a lagging indicator which does’nt anticipate trend change. Sorry, I am not able to help you much with this, personally I don’t use indicators, I simply follow price action.


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You can use super trend for scalping but for very less time, i ususally scalp in nifty and bank nifty i will enter using super trend signal but i look for 7 to 10 pionts some times even leess like 5 points, i will enter with 20 lot and i will combine this with Stochastic momentum index , i use manual stop loss i will exit if market trend reverse ( u know some times options go -50 and recover again) but my overall monthly will be in green, hope it helps you !

Are you referring to Stochastic? If so what settings you use? Can you pl post a chart which you had traded. I am interested only in Positional trading.
Thanks for yr time.

Have you tried with higher time frame like 30 mins or 1 hour . 1 min is too short to achieve accuracy . And Supertrend only works with trending markets .

Please understand that, any indicator which is used by masses doesn’t work for a long time because of a concept called equilibrium.

You may need to use combination of some other indicator as well.

And more importantly, you need to backtest and forward test your strategy because everyone’s goal and strategy is different.

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@Speculator - do you wait for candle to finish after signal finish or enter the trade when high/low of signal candle is hit by the second candle?

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I used to love supertrend, i think it works well in highly liquid timeframe, the SuperTrend bounce works well. Trading is bad for health.