Is taxable value of supply in contract note same as brokerage or more than that?

In my last contract note post GST i see a field called “Taxable value of supply”. Is it exactly same as brokerage or is it more than brokerage?

Earlier prior to GST it was mentioned only as “brokerage”, but from GST onwards it is mentioned as “Taxable value of supply(brokerage)”.

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No replies on forum, and when raised a ticket - 4 days, and no response.


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The Taxable Value of Supply means, Value on which GST has to be Levied. Only Wording has changed. But yeah exactly brokerage.


Taxable value of income means a value on your payin payout obligations. And on that value GST is calculated. GST is not calculated on payin payout obligations. And STT on your payin payout obligations. And brokerage is decided by your broker, that you can reduce by convenience broker or by change broker :wink:. So enjoy trading.