Is That Any Chance To Introduce Trade From Chart Feature ( With Drag & Drop Facility) in Tradingview Chart?

Is That Any Chance To Introduce Trade From Chart Feature ( With Drag & Drop Facility) in Tradingview Chart?

Fyers already have that feature in there trading platform

But we all are Zerodha Lovers and we don’t want to switch… Lol.

So Is that any chance in future to introduce this?

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Absolutely yes, will take time though.

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How come fyers is such a small company , but they did it before big giant zerodha ?

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I think fyres has < 10k clients. And zerodha is serving 10 lakh. Obviously zerodha has to look into other important tasks first to serve such a huge client base.

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@vikas1989, @vishnux. Agreed with you. Being best in industry they should update kite to robust levels. Waiting fully advanced KITE. @nithin

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How come fyers is such a small company , but they did it before big giant zerodha ?
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We no need to do anything, charting vendor provides it, TV in this case, we want to add few more interesting things to it than the way it is given and we are working on one surprise feature and want to combine it with charting, hence this delay, this will take sometime though.

It will happen.

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@siva Okay, I am not aware of the business perspective, but why can’t the trade from chart feature just be provided as it is first?

Later when all the work with the additional/different features are implemented and tested they can be released as updates to Kite or as a new version of Kite. I think it would be much more helpful and easier for many traders.

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The way it is now is not refined as we are proving charting only, all in built will come with TV terminal, but TV terminal is very difficult to use, and UI/UX is very bad and we don’t want to offer it.

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Hi, your new update about events showing is very good. And yes trading view UI for trading is not so good.
Can u tell us when we can expect trading from charts and nifty 50 default watchlist facility?

Honestly speaking trade by chart doesn’t make sense… I know you have seen the fyers chart … but when you drag and drop it will still open the buy/sell order window…

If it accepts without the order window… that would be great…

Honestly speaking… I still use the kite… I am not a big fan of TV… if you have a Stock chart open like infy or SBI and if you open a index chart it gets all loopy and skewed… I like the way kite works…

fyers hangs a lot during a trade, but with drag and drop its easier to change the price and one can trail stoploss easily. If kite can implement this properly and then its very good. Its not a huge issue just an added advantage. Thanks

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Yes, It might not be the greatest invention, but, i feel it still helps, and i think there would be a lot of people that agree.
Not to compare with fyers or any other broker, but it is also a feature which comes built in with Original TV trading terminal. I’m sure Zerodha would implement in their own way here too, it just takes a bit more time.

Suppose, now i want to move my SL to the high of the prev candle or some previous low/high, then,
In the current setup, we would need to manually make note of the value and enter the value in the order window.

But, with trade by chart enabled, we can simply drag the SL to the level we want and automatically the values are entered and we just need to confirm on the order window.
Visually too it helps to know where our current SL and target levels are without having to mark them manually each time.

So, yes might not be a life changing feature, we can manage with the current features.
But, it certainly helps in terms of ease of use and visual represantation is what i feel.

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Trading from chart will take more time, default watchlist should come soon.

OK so don’t forget to launch Default Watchlist for all Underlying F&O Security’s

This is not possible, one market list can’t have more than 50. One can add them manually onetime and save it for once.Other major indices, we will have predefined lists.

By when can we expect this ?

when can we expect trading from charts like drag/drop the orders?

Trading from chart will be a very good feature if Zerodha will introduce it in near feature. As a leader in brokerage industry & access to better/advanced technology Zerodha should add this feature in coming days.

Dear @siva any update on this. Is Zerodha working on it?