Is the Balance app being maintained.

I really liked the concept of the Balance app and I’m thinking to start using the Balance. But one of the reviews in the playstore was that the Balance app is not being maintained or updated. I would like to know if it’s true.

And in the tutorial it is mentioned that most of the recipes invest in ICICI. Is it possible to customize that. Let’s say I already am investing in an ELSS fund, can I request Balance to invest in that?

@Balance_Team Hi team,
I too have the same query. Pleas respond to this query

Yes, it hasn’t currently been updated for a bit. The balance team is currently planning on how best to take the business forward. We should have an announcement in the next couple of weeks on this.

Thanks @nithin for the update. Hope balance team will come up with something fruitful.

Really looking forward to it.

Any idea when will paytm officially launch the application?