Is the live open interest(OI) data being provided by exchanges correct?

You can also do this by using a custodian. But the cost does go up and custodians typically only get into relationships where the size of the account is significant. (Minimum of a few crores)

Does clearing member provide additional leverage or very short term liquidity to their clients to make their trades?

if this is so ; then ; why do the Institutional clients use trading members to execute their orders and use the services of a clearing member (CM) to clear and settle the trades ? ? ?

I mean they incur more cost then there must be some advantage ! what benefit / advantage do they get ?

No, custodians can’t really offer additional leverage.

They use multiple trading members but single custodian. Most of the trades are done on the phone by institutions, and their choice of using a trading member is typically based on the research provided.

So if you are an institution and your broker sent you a stock idea, you typically return the favor by trading through that broker itself. But you can’t keep money separately with different brokers, so you will have the funds and stocks sitting with the custodian, but ability to trade through multiple brokers.


Nithin sir has said 4:15 and u r saying 4:00. Which one is correct? and also where to check this final data.

Check on the nse website.

Hey, can you share the link to where i can get End of Day & Up to Date, Open Interest Data of Stock Futures, I couldn’t find it on NSE’s Website(there was too many options)

Can check here, daily reports should cover it.

There are way too many options man, I don’t even know, which one will give End of Day Open Interest Data, Please Help.
Should i choose “Bhavcopy” or “NSE Open Interest” ? or something else?

And also daily Reports in “Equity” or “Equity Derivatives” ?

Why don’t you open and check if it suits your requirement?

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OK, i think i found it.

Thank You

sir how to use open interest indicator. Please make a vidio on that it will help much for retailers