Is the margin calculator updated now?

One question for which I am not able to find an answer for online or with zerodha support. Hence creating a thread here.
After the implementation of ASM I know margins for shoring options (NIFTY/BANKNIFTY etc) have increased.
But, on kite >> under funds (after execution of short option), and on margin calculator, I still see the old margin amounts.
So I am confused as to whether zerodha will re-calculate the margins at the end of the day and require me to have an amount higher than what it shows on kite platform during the day.


What ever is blocked on Kite will be accurate only,also as a start the increase in margins is 1% only on Index options as this ASM is slated to be implemented in 4 phases. Adding to that markets also corrected little bit for which the margin change may not be considerable.

Ok Thank you Sir. If what shows at 3.30pm on kite is accurate, then I am fine with it. I saw lot of posts and stuff online that broker will calculate margins EOD again.