Is the profit from trading stocks, options and futures taxable?

Yes…its taxable…

Short term capital gains tax:

If you hold the stock between 0 to 12 months, then the gains attract a tax rate of 15%.

Long term capital gains tax:

If the holding period of the stock is more than 12 months, then the gains do not attract any tax.

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Profits from trading Equity and Profits from Trading Derivatives are treated differently, in terms of taxation. 

1. Equity Intraday is considered speculative

2. Equity held between 1 day to 1 year as Short term

3. Stocks held for anything more than 1 year as long term. 

4. All kinds of derivatives, F&O on stocks, commodities and currency, is considered as a business income, so any profit you make gets added to all your other income and you have to pay tax according to the IT slab you fall in. 

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