Is the Stock market rigged?


Is the Stock market rigged?

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Let’s Start with an Assumption That the stock market is Rigged.
That means there has to be SOMEONE who would be responsible in RIGGING the stock market.
For This SOMEONE rig the market he/she/organization would require enormous amount of capital.
Then the question is HOW much capital would be required to RIGG the market.
The market cap of indian stock market is around US$ 2.27 Trillion .
But the richest man in INDIA has a net worth or only 10 billion.
So i don’t think he would have the audacity to RIGG the market which forms only 4% of GDP in which only 1.3 % of Indians are involved. Then i think it must be not a task of only one single person. There has to be a group of MUTUAL fund. BUT if mutual fund were rigging the markets then most of the retail investor who had invested their money would be enjoying a great fortune. But as we all know the reality is not that beautiful.
So i don’t know about US stock market. BUT i don’t think that Indian market is rigged in any sense.


Did you consider group of rich men and institutions?
How did wealth inequality grow then?
Why do you just imaging group of MFs?


ok let’s assume rich men and institutions are trying to rig the stock market for which they would have to manipulate to price of a stock or a index. But in any case what ever they do will be reflected in price. now let’s suppose they are trying to increase the price of TCS which can be seen through charts. but then they cannot change the fundamental of a company that fast hence the rise in stock price would contradict the price movement and hence a informed and wise investor will stay away… so ultimately it doesn’t matter.
At least that’s what i think.

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Stock Market is rigged in parts. Specific stocks. Not the entire markets.
Nobody has that much money to manipulate the entire market.

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1% hold more than 60% of global wealth


You need to understand what FIIs do


I think that for sure it is, but something may need to be done with it. For example with crypto you may know that like 40% of the market of bitcoin and some other currencies are in hand of just 1% group of individuals really. Something like that needs to be done here.