Is the streaming OI quotes of futures contracts live or delayed in nest trader?

i read somewhere online that OI quotes are usually delayed and not real time even if they appear to be so i.e. one can see the “live streaming” quotes on the trading terminal but they are actually delayed by about 20-24 hrs.

if this is true its not that reliable an indicator of the current market dynamics

I think it is other way around. What i have observed is trading platforms[NOW/ NEST] gives live update of OI, whereas it is updated on a periodic basis in NSE website :slight_smile:

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The Open interest data on all trading platforms are fetched from the NSE F&O 5 minute snapshot data, check this link. So new files are generated by exchange at end of every 5 mins and sent. So it could be delayed as much as 5 mins. 

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20-24 hours, come on man!, be realistic.

thnks andrewman, but i have this info (that oi is indeed delayed) from a reputed website

ok. everyone has their own viewpoint. but what i have written above is as per what i have experienced, Infact, i would i say we are lucky to get real time OI data for free in trading terminal… I guess it is important to know how wisely we can use OI data for profitable trades than comparing data b/w platforms or websites

Can you provide the source where from you got this information?
It will be helpful to everyone.
Can you paste that web link here?

its not my viewpoint!! its a matter of fact- atleast thats wat the website says
and also, if anyone more knowledgable here has anything to say feel free to chip in and correct me if am wrong
the author of the site claims that if oi were to be streamed live, ppl would know what most of the buying volume is and hence everyone wud go wid the majority .eg: if u knew that sellers are heavier than buyers by a huge margin, in nifty 8500 pe, then any new entrant would only choose to go long(the nifty futures- assuming nifty futures >=8500)
the oi, like volume, is just a scalar(not vector). i mean if one had access to only oi (no price data) and he’s asked to predict the direction of price, he wudnt be able to do so. (maybe the author is claiming: since volume is live if oi also becomes live along wid it, things get very revealing)
the reason i asked this question is i do a lot of VSA
i had posted the link for sometime, hope u got it…took it down coz it wud be irrelevant coz its not concerned wid indian markets(however all financial markets must be similar of course)

thnks nithin, for that link