Is there a new update in Pi?

Date is same, but version is still old. See image

Ignore the version number.

You can see the exclude this program option just select that and try

But they should update the version number if they change the software features. Pretty standard practice.


Those who don’t have UNDCUR (Spot Currency) in PI latest updates Do the following :

  1. backup chart template and workspace from zerodha folder in C drive or any installation directory
  2. Uninstall zerodha PI with any uninstaller in order to clean the residual files of PI eg Iobit Uninstaller free
  3. Delete zerodha folder from C drive C:\ or installation directory where you installed PI
  4. Download PI from Zerodha Q and Install it for all users at say C:\ (C drive) and login with licence.
  5. Don’t create any watchlist just go to help>Check for Updates> Update to latest version.
  6. Exit zerodha after update.
  7. Go to zerodha folder in C:\
  8. Delete all contracts.bin files ( my case was bse_cm_contract.bin, cde_fo_contract.bin, nse_cm_contract.bin)
  9. Now open PI and login again.
  10. Bingo you can find UNDCUR under CDS>Normal>UNDCUR
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This is USDINR Spot price or Future price?
can we see this in kite?

This is spot market price of usdinr not only usdinr but also gbpinr eurinr jpyinr. No its not available in kite

When will Pi be updated to same as the updates in Kite. In kite, you have added many more indicators, the same need to be added to Pi. Also, in Pi, you can place 1 indicator and place it over a completely DIFFERENT indicator. i.e. you can overlap 2 DIFFERENT indicators. The same feature needs to be added to Kite and to the future updates of Pi and Kite.