Is there a reason why scanner can not be used after market hours?

It would be useful to have scanner running on EOD data and be able to generate alerts. This will help the working population (who can not do live trading or who can not install Pi/Scanner on their official laptops) to decide the trading strategy

This is pretty useful utility and can be made even more useful if it is available on EOD data.

It can be made to use say post 6 or 7 PM (after your batch jobs are run) up until 9 AM next day

Pls advise

hElLO tRaDeR,

The Pi Scanner identifies matching tradescript conditions only on the last candlestick.

The Pi Scanner also requires realtime ticks to function.

Thanks for the quick answer. Could it be made available for offline data so that triggers can be generated based on the history of data. Also, if it require real ticks as a function, we need to change interface to have it to work offline data. Once developed, it will be so useful for traders who wants to do positional trading using these triggers after office hours.