Is there a way to entered into trade by overriding strategy logic

If I am up for MIS based trading. I have few use cases to ask -

  1. All signals got square off by EOD but most likely the trade trend continues next day as well. Is there a way to entered in such cases.
  2. Can I entered any position manually first then let the strategy took the call for exit or viz-v


  1. You can convert your position from Kite. This is not possible in Streak. Since with Streak you have set a rule for the trade, converting your position is making it discretionary and not mechanical. Which is is the whole point of backtesting the logic. Discretionary trade logic cannot be backtested.

  2. Again in mechanical trading you take a certain rule that you have observed and test the idea in historical data to judge the validity, which involve an entry following by an exit. But exiting your current position only is not possible out of the box. As a workaround, you can create the logic and sell your holding when your condition is met. Then you can ignore the exit notification in order to void buying back.

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I can see the logic in that. I guess I have to make different logic as per the need to hack the logic it seems.

Thanks for the details.