Is there a way to give order to Buy stocks over many days?

Usually when a order to buy stocks is given, it remains open for the day’s trading session, and then gets neutralised/rejected.

If I want to give a buy order, that will remain open (say for 5 days), till it is filled up. Is there a way?

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What you are asking for is called a GTC(Good till cancelled) or GTD(Good till date) order. The equity exchanges in India don’t support such orders(they remove all the pending orders by end of day from their cache) and hence it is not possible.

There is a way though that I guess ICICI has started, any orders which doesn’t get executed by end of the day, they place it again for you as an after market order for the next day. So this way, the order keeps getting placed until it is executed or the day you have chosen.


Yes, these orders are called GTC Good Till Canceled/GTD Good Till Date orders. Globally many exchanges offer these type of orders. NSE or BSE does not allow them since they clear their order cached at the end of the day.

MCX offered this type of orders, but I have read somewhere that those have been discontinued. Need to check on this.

Alternatively, some brokers offer this GTD/GTC orders by placing orders everyday into the exchange. You should be alerted, such order although they mimic GTC/GTD orders are not really truly GTD. The orders are getting placed everyday in the morning 9:15 am, there is a chance that many orders gets processed in that 9:15 am timing and your order is in the queue. You may miss some stop order, or the opening price itself will decline suddenly than your order or something.

On a lighter note, you can also place such After Market Orders yourself everyday after reviewing the markets in your free time.

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