Is there a way to place orders through MT4 directly from the charts and get it executed in 'NSE NOW'?

I don’t want to punch in orders.

I am looking at something where we draw a horizontal line on the MT4 chart and this is the line which can be a buy or a sell order.

The ‘stop loss’ and the ‘take profit’ levels can be preset in points or percentages and if there is a trailing stop feature it would be amazing.

Does anybody here know of a tool that can help me?

Check this video of Pi, our soon to be released trading platform. We have options to trade from the chart. Along with that, we are building a bridge to connect to popular platforms like MT4, Ami, Metastock, and etc for automated trading. 

Can't think of any existing tool for NOW

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Have SEBI allowed for algo trading without the requisite exams? or Pi will have a manual component inbetween to circumvent the regulation?

Autotrading will still require the person to be an authorized person, but semi automated is possible.

@nithin, Hi Nithin, Greetings. Can you please share an status of bridge between MT4 and Pi.
Is it possible to Place Coverorder from MT4 to Pi ( I can see some EAs available in the Market to place an MIS order from MT4 to Nest but not from Zerodha).

MT4 doesn’t accept orders from outside their platform. So this is extremely tough to offer.