Is there any indicator to track total buy volume and total sell volume?

Knowing how much volume is buy and how much volume is sell is the key to winning almost every trade. But, unfortunately, they won’t give you that data. However, if you contact law makers, and convince them to pass a law that require stock brokers to show you that buy/sell volume data. Then, you can make yourself rich very soon.

Agree there is a buyer for every seller or seller for every buyer…but the thing
that we hav to trace is that, the that took place was at bhara price of sellers price,if the trade took place at sellers price means price is rising…buying side is strong…and if the trade took place at buyers price means price going down…sellers r strong…

@Vishwa_Samraat My thinking goes like this …
If I have to buy something… I bargain and buy at the lowest price possible. So prices come down when buyer is strong. If I have to sell, I sell at the highest price possible. So prices go up when seller is strong.

If buyer is stronger than seller = Prices come down.
If seller is stronger than buyer = Prices go up.

This goes contrary to convention, which I feel is not right.

Now suppose there are many buyers but just 1 seller. Do u think you can bargain and get the product from seller. NO. Why? Bcz there will be some buyers willing to pay more to get the product. Even seller could hike the price to take advantage of situation. So what happened? When more buyers price goes up.

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You have described a situation where sellers are strong, not the buyers :laughing:


I have used atas and they deliver such split :

It is very usefull to identify iceberg orders.

Use OI indicator and set a 20 EMA cross over
Use OnBalVolume indicator and set a 20 EMA cross over
Use VolumeChart indicator and set 20 EMA on it

Take a call based on a combination of all these 3 indicators
If, Volume chart > 20 EMA AND OnBalVol and OI crosses above 20 EMA - you buy

I think he means how many people bought at this specific price vs how many sold say on a candle stick it would show the buys vs sells this is available as a tool that institutions use basically a history if level 2 data

I am sure the question was for an indicator like this one Best Technical Indicator For Intraday Trading: Smart Money Buying Volume Selling Volume Indicator - YouTube. But this one not working on trading view. So if anyone can pls share a similar indicator for trading view, I would really appreciate it.

@nithin Sir,
Can we have this indicator in Zerodha ? Can it improve the odds of winning in our favour ?

Did you find the answer to your question? Because I’m still looking for it.

I use the on balance volume (OBV) indicator. It shows the buying and selling happening in the market by adding the volume on up days and subtracting volume on down days.

Volume RSI also works great. Buy when the indicator moves above 50% and sell and when it is below the 50% line. Easy and effective, I must say!

I haven’t had a very good experience with the indicators. I will also take some suggestions.

I have heard of many people using the OBV indicator. But when I used it, I noticed that it was sending some false signals during the fundamental events happening in the market. I have no idea how to handle such a situation.