Is there any limit on quantity of shares we can buy in a day?

Like limiting buy quantity upto 2,50,000 shares per script. Is there anything such in Indian markets?

No such limit, i think you can purchase max upto 5 crores in single Client ID per scrip.


Sorry about it, I couldnt find the reference link. As Nithin said, limit exists only on per order basis, I think.

But here are position wide limits for FnO sector (in below links). For Equities, I believe no limit is applied, on how much you can buy and hold.

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There is an order limit of 9.99 lakh shares per order. You can place multiple orders, and no limit on how much quantity you can buy.

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Why 5 crores? We don’t have such limitations on Wall Street. Why in India then? And, what if we intend to buy above 5 crores like 12 crores in a single script?

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