Is there any registration required to stat Youtube channel

Is there any registration required to stat Youtube channel for showing my trading strategies and other tutorials

Since you want to give investment and trading advice to people, you could register as an investment advisor with SEBI. You could check this document from SEBI which explains how to register as an investment advisor. You may have to appear for two NISM exams (- series X-A and series X-B ) in case no other route is applicable for you as provided in the SEBI document. Then you will have to pay an application fee of Rs. 5,000/- and a registration fee of Rs. 10,000/- to SEBI. You will also need a CA to certify your capital adequacy (should be above Rs. 1 lacs). Check this document from SEBI for FAQs.

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For applying for PMS or AIF category3 is there any educational criteria involved or any examination is there considering net worth and other monetary requirements are fulfilled.

Hi @prasanth,

Technically speaking, you don’t need any registration to start a YouTube channel. After all, you are just interested in sharing your knowledge.

Having said that, there is an ethical and legal obligation not to mislead people. For example, it is perfectly fine to share your experience from the stock market (like your tutorials).

However, what is wrong, for example, is to recommend trading in highly leveraged instruments (futures/options) without adequately discussing the risk involved in trading such instruments. Or investing in a stock that you’re holding (without proper disclosure). SEBI is known to come down heavily on those who cross this line.

Bottom line is that: do no harm and you should be fine.

Wishing you all the best. It is always good to see fellow traders share their experiences.

All the best,