Is there any risk if i do BT/ST For RCOM share?

is there any risk if i do BT/ST For Rcom share? is RCOM share included in BT/ST list? is there any risk in doing BT/ST For RCOM ? i want to do BT/ST For my RCOM shares but i’m scared that ill be charged any penalty or something. As i’m new i don’t know much, can someone please help ? I Want to do BT/ST but im scared.

There is no penalty i have done BTST in RCOM many times

But in RCOM you should do BTST on a day when it jumps very high

Like 2-3 days ago when it closed 70% up, then I did BTST coz i was sure next morning i will get 20% more

And I got 20% profit within 5 minutes from market opening

So better wait for next RCOM boom and do BTST that day

thank you so much! btw i have one more doubt if ill do BT/ST, Will money show in my account at the end of the day after selling the stock?

It will show in your Margins that day, but you can withdraw it after T+2 days

Not 100% sure on this, it should be like this though

Can any one explain how btst is done on zerodha

BTST is nothing new

It means Buy today Sell tomorrow

If some stock is showing good momentum today, i expect it to open gap up tomorrow

So I will buy it lets say today 3 PM, then next morning lets say it opens 5-10% up, i will sell it before 9:30 AM next morning

Its simple buy and sell trade only