Is there any time limit on pledge shares?

Do I have to return the money I got by pledging shares after a particular period of time? Suppose I pledged my shares on 1st April. Expiry is 29th April. Do I have to return the money and un pledge my shares?

If I can keep the money for as long as I want, is there any interest charged on that money?

Please answer.:slightly_smiling_face:

Pledge for F&O margin, there is no interest payable. You can’t use this margin for delivery trades or buying options. Not to be confused with Loan against shares.

Thank you for your answer. I still have one query left. Can I keep this money as long as I want to sell options? Is there any time limit? Say, you need to return the money after 30 days of pledging the shares, anything like that?

Yes, the margin will be available as long as the pledge is active. If there is shortfall (happens when you exhaust margin by selling options or due to increased margin requirements near expiry or due to peak margin requirements), you should meet the shortfall with cash or additional pledge.

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