Is there any trade setup available for NR7 in PI or is it possible in tradescript?

Pls find the description of NR7 and i think its quite complex to implement in code not sure about AFL

It is not possible to code NR4 or NR7 in Tradescript,  Check the below AFL code for NR7.

//I modified a afl got from afl library in ami site to get NR4 AND NR7 days/stocks having that Status on the last trading Day. I wanted to get it from intraday data> hence I used TimeFrameSet function as below.

NR1_Scan = ParamToggle("Scan NR1?", "No|Yes", 1);
NR4_Scan = ParamToggle("Scan NR4?", "No|Yes", 1);
NR7_Scan = ParamToggle("Scan NR7?", "No|Yes", 1);

/*MinVR = Param("Min Volatility_Ratio", 0.5, 0.1, 1, 0.1);*/

NR1 = Inside() OR (Ref(H, -1)==H AND Ref(L, -1)<L) OR (Ref(H, -1)>H AND Ref(L, -1)==L);

NR4 = (H - L) < Ref(LLV(H-L,3),-1);
NR7= (H - L) < Ref(LLV(H-L,6),-1);

NR4_IB = (H - L) < Ref(LLV(H-L,3),-1) AND H<Ref(H,-1) AND L>Ref(L,-1);//LAST Day IS IB ALSO
NR7_IB = (H - L) < Ref(LLV(H-L,6),-1) AND H<Ref(H,-1) AND L>Ref(L,-1);//LAST Day IS IB ALSO

/*Volatility_Ratio = StDev(log(C/Ref(C,-1)),5)/StDev(log(C/Ref(C,-1)),99);*/

The Explorer
- Run the Analysis
/*Filter = Volatility_Ratio>=MinVR AND (NR7 OR NR4 OR NR1);*/
//Filter = (NR7 OR NR4 OR NR1 OR NRI4 OR NRI4 OR NRI7);
Filter = (NR4_IB OR NR7_IB);

Buy = Filter; 
//if (NR1_Scan) AddTextColumn(WriteIf(NR1, "Yes", "-"), "NR1", 1.0, colorDefault,IIf(NR1,colorGreen,Null), 40); 
//if (NR4_Scan) AddTextColumn(WriteIf(NR4, "Yes", "-"), "NR4", 1.0, colorDefault,colorDefault, 40); 
//if (NR7_Scan) AddTextColumn(WriteIf(NR7, "Yes", "-"), "NR7", 1.0, colorDefault,colorDefault, 40);

//AddColumn( IIf(NR11,1,Null) ,"NR11",1.0,colorWhite,IIf(NRI4,colorGreen,Null),40);
//AddColumn( IIf(NR4,4,Null) ,"NR4",1.0,colorBlack,IIf(NR4,colorYellow,Null),40);
//AddColumn( IIf(NR7,7,Null) ,"NR7",1.0,colorBlack,IIf(NR7,colorYellow,Null),40);
AddColumn( IIf(NR4_IB,40,Null) ,"NR4_IB",1.0,colorWhite,IIf(NR4_IB,colorBlack,Null),60);
AddColumn( IIf(NR7_IB,70,Null) ,"NR7_IB",1.0,colorWhite,IIf(NR7_IB,colorBlack,Null),60);


AddColumn( IIf(VV>1,VV,Null) ,"VV",1.2,colorWhite,colorBlue,40);

/*AddColumn( Volatility_Ratio, "Vol Ratio",1.4, colorDefault,colorDefault, 80 );*/

Hi AlgoGeek ,

Can you please add code for below

(1) Sell with trialing stop loss of previous day low.
(2) Buy above NR4 or NR7 high

Thanks in advance

Very Useful. Thank you!