Is there TESLA equivalent in India?

TESLA shares have tripled since last year so I am wondering if there is any automaker in India which can fulfill demands of EV in India? Or EV in India is not feasible given the poor infrastructure in near future?


No one dare to reach Elon Musk levels in india.

Check smallcase there is a EV specific one

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They are into auto insurance and energy but building rockets is taken care by spacex

India is a price sensitive market. Even if other competitors are offering very good products, Maruti has high market share because of stability, service cost and mainly resale value.

Electric cars lack in 1 important part i.e resale value. After 10 years, battery has to be changed which is equivalent to changing engines. Indian per capita is the main reason Tesla or anything equivalent will not work for the masses.

Here people ask about the age of tyres before buying pre owned cars. Forget about battery.

Another thing is GST which is very high for cars above 10L…can get a kwid with the tax one pay for the new Hyundai electric…

@newguy India is just starting in this segment, many companies have not even started. As @Default said India is price sensitive company, if we companies are able to come up with the vehicle that is better than the existing ones then it might be an opportunity.

Currently investing in stocks will be completely based on the expectation of those companies’ ability to come up with a successful solution, and that is where the real investment opportunity lies if you got in the right company.

M&M seems to be one of those companies, you can check about it fundamentals here.

This is what I think, I hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

India have NO roads , then how EV vehicles :red_car: will be success in India , only corruption in roads


Tesla registered in India

Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited

yes Tesla is here…it may even plan listing later after setting up. if govt takes initiative EV segment can bring massive revolution but i guess they are earning huge in taxes etc over fuel so the anti-EV lobby may be the only hurdle.

Not just that, for a normal daily usage we can set up the charging point in our parking space itself. This rules out the petrol bunks existence and that will bring in disruption to the market just how the WFH scenario did to real estate market.

There aren’t many people who are going to buy tesla. :slight_smile:

It’s not about Tesla but about EV

Its not that easy as you think. Right now battery cost is 115 USD per kwh for tesla.

Model 3 start with 54 kwh battery which has 350 km range.

54 x 115 = 6210 USD (apprx 5 lakhs INR). Just battery pack cost for the car.

Its going to take some time to reduce battery cost.

Even startup like ather can’t build 2 wheeler under 1 lakh.

Highest selling Honda Activa cost under 70K.

I know EV is good for environment but it will only effect if more people can afford.

Tesla truck cost 250K USD.

If tesla build manufacturing unit for cars or build gigafactory in india. Right now that will be good for India.

Nice to see the analysis. But my comment is about the effects if EV becomes a common norm.

Remember the 90s. There used to be 1 phone for 5/6 houses and making a phone call was a luxury then.

It didn’t even take 2 decades for mobile phone to get democratised.

When an idea has come you can’t deny or delay it.

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I already mentioned it going to take some time to reduced battery cost.

Right now tesla cars price is consider as luxury cars.
In 2019 only 35000 luxury cars sold in India.
In 2020 approx 22000 luxury cars sold in India.

Until Battery cost reduce. car companies can’t make affordable EVs.