Is this a exit at wrong price?

Hi friends,

Today i placed a BO of sundrmfast as follows :
Price = 624.95
SL = 5
Trailing SL = 2
Screenshot :

My question is how the order exited at 618.9 whereas it should be 619.9 (624.9 - 5) ?
Can someone tell me whether in fact there is a mistake in the kite’s process or my calculation is wrong.,
Please let me know.

Its exit at market order, so it would take whatever price market gives post crossing 5 points downwards

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You put the trailing SL 2 Rs. Once the stock hit 622.95 your order (buy) got released as market order. (SL-M)

I didn’t understand. When i had placed the SL. then why did it exit at SL-M ? Please make me clear.

Can u check Bracket order video of Zerodha? I think its by default SL-M

@Newbie420 No its not by default. It is disabled.

Stop loss and Stop profit both the order trigger at Market price once condition fulfill.

@Darshan : Condition fulfilled ? how come ? My Target is 20 points and the SL was 5 points. From the
screenshot you can see that neither the SL was satisfied nor the target was. Then how the sell went at 618.9 ? Experts please help. Going this way, small time traders will lose all the money. As per the answers that have come till now, it seems that BO is same as normal SL-M order !! is that really ? I don’t believe. Then what zerodha says about Bracket orders is completely false !! :thinking:

Reason: because of slippage. It happens especially in non-liquid counters.


@tarakesh : Whats that slippage ? could you please explain a bit ?

Understand the difference between SL-L and SL-M order; then you will understand for youself why SL-M is used in BO order.

@tarakesh : Right now the SL-M for BO orders are disabled in kite. Only Limit and SL orders are possible.
Right ?? So as per your saying if SL-M is used in BO, then why is it disabled ?

Experts please suggest what parameters should be selected in a Bracket Order in order to avoid slippage ?

Stop using bracket orders, its a waste

Put additional trades for SL or SL-M whatever u want

We are not algo computer that we need so much accuracy and split second decisions to use Bracket orders, i dont see its benefit

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@Newbie420 So what about Target and Trailing SL ? they are not present in any other trading tool.
So you suggest normal SL and SL-M to be better than BO ?

Entry is based on either limit order or SL-L order (in BO). But exit is based on target which is a limit order and Stop loss is a SL-M order. So, when stop loss is hit, that order can have slippages.

Please go thru’ videos related to BO order and try to understand. The BO order is in operation since many years. So, there should not be any issue in the definition of it.

One suggestion is not to use the Trailing stop loss. That means you need to trail the stop loss manually.


There is no way you can avoid slippages (especially in SL-M order). To reduce the probability of slippage, trade in high volume stocks.

@tarakesh Thanks bro for your suggestions.