Is this achievable? Pic Inside

Is this achievable or how hard it is achieve?

smallcase give more than 70% annually return so is this achievable.

Or what type of problem you will face to achieve this kind of result.

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Looking forward to your replies.

Theoretically possible, practically impossible (30 % average ROI for 50 years is too impractical). Also you need common sense to achieve even 20% annualized return for even 10 years. Don’t judge by seeing returns of 1 to 3 years, see return for full market cycles which is usually 8 to 10 years.


I think It is achievable with trading not with investing. Even with trading you must have the discipline and willpower to complete it.

I already started one compounding experiment few days back and kept 100000 ₹ aside in another trading account from my regular trading and decided mentally that I did not have those 100000 ₹. My goal is to make those 100000 ₹ in to 25 crores in 30 years span at 30 % annual returns on average after taxes( For my retirement). If I lost those 100000 ₹ also I will not have any regrets. As per my trading experience I am confident that I can achieve this.


Yes, it is very much possible with three aspects working for you.

  1. Stock Picking
  2. Compounding
  3. Discipline

Also he will become “guinness world record” holder by 2067 keeping world’s best investors much behind :wink: like Warren Buffett, Peter lynch, Joel Greenblatt. We really need that kind of investors from our land.

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Why not? If you have good photoshop skills, you can achieve even higher returns.

People failed to understand that in one year 70% is very much possible but what is the sustainability? Go history for some hint.

try to achieve 0.5% per day 10% per month 120% per year consistently then you will know whether it is possible or not.

First Target : make 0.5% daily for 20 trading days without any loss.
second Target : do it every for at least for six months to prove it.

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But haribabu in trading we ignore the magic of compounding. Eg. I start trading with 1 lakh and I made 1.5 lakh now will I keep on trading with all the gains? How many people are there who trade 1 crore in one go.

I have seen LEO who did like that and lost 5 crores in one pure compounding on Trading Capital.

Here Consistency is more important than Compounding. even if you remove your profits regularly and invest in MF and continue to trade with capital which is comfortable is better than putting every thing to trade.

Risk also multiples with Capital, in % terms it may look small but with higher capital in absolute terms it will Spike up pressure down the Spine and lead to Emotional Manipulation which in turn results in poor decision making.

Better to trade with capital we are comfortable.

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I don’t think someone with 30 yrs span should focus on intraday trading rather on long term investment in quality companies.

Yes, with higher capital focus in long term investment but many are greedy like me to make more in intraday than investment :joy:

No problem at all.
The problem is 30% CAGR. It is very hard and very much possible.

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@haribabu 0.5% of what?
my accnt bal?
or my account+margin?

@Shre 0.5% of your position size.

If you have 100k in your account and used 20k to take a position then it is 20000 * 0.005 = 100.
( excluding charges)

Why is it hard ? Some smallcase give around 40-70% returns annually.

Because we are currently in a Bull phase.
Abhi kaisa hai… Beti Ganga mein haath dho liyo… Aankh moond ke Nifty mein invest kiya toh bhi 20% milega…
But condition won’t remain same for next 30 40 50 years.

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Also mathematics is against us.
For every 50% loss you need to make 100% profits to recover

What about 15 - 20 % CAGR.

With even very basic FA & TA
10-20% very easy

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