Is this master or faker?

I don’t know options, but he is trending in twitter. I don’t follow him , twitter algorithm pop him up.

There are lots who currently Gaga over him, idiolize him.

Just curious. Options players, decode him please.


Just by looking at those pnl numbers i can tell you he has huge downside volatility.

This means he is a taking a lot of risk to generate those returns, which is very very poor sortino ratio.

Not to mention the cost of trading. huge STTs and stamp duty lol.

nothing great in this.

It’s much better he buys index. LOL.

At the end of year ,he will be shocked to see the cost of trading and net returns he generated for taking that kind of crazy risk.

An index investor will easily beat him at the end of year.

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Scalper siva is a regular presence in Trader Carnival. The guy runs a website with his OIPulse tool. But if you have doubts then ask the guy - please show me the pnl :sweat_smile:


There are plenty of fakers who selectively share trade screenshots.

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He shows big fat ones. Can’t be sure of the authenticity as there is no way to verify his trades.

But he sure has a crowd to pull. What always never ceases to amaze me is that, people always grool over profit screenshots. Why they never have a doubt this might be fake, considering we are not in stone age anymore.

Man are so generous and big hearted.

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Set up a google meet if the guy is willing. Then see the pnl via broker interface then and there. If the guy is not willing he is most likely a fake.

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If you are not convinced and cannot be convinced in anyway then don’t follow the guy. Some youtube gurus do post live pnl videos. There is also a way to get in touch and see more if the former seems shady.

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It is your choice who you select to follow or listen to. I think if it doesn’t meet your expectations, switch to another. We can’t believe anyone at face value anymore. Too many scammers out there. Beware.

kept the name buddy!

One proof of a good record is not enough to determine whether he is fake or real. So. always analyse before taking suggestions for trading forex because scams are very prevalent in this market.