Is this option premium correct?


I have noticed the below option (Nifty 16100 CE)

The premium is around 7.
The total premium will be 7*75 = 525 (1 lot)

Is my calculation correct ?
Is it possible to get 1 lot of this option for just 525 Rs ?
Is there any other stock / index options available for such low price ?

This option is expiring next week and is OTM option… that’s why the premium is so low… if you explore you’ll find many such low priced options…

Buying this options is nothing but sure shot way to lose money unless underlying moves in that direction rapidly… an advice… stay away, learn how options work and then only trade…

Thanks @FancyyCosmonautt

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@TradeXMaster You are asking all the wrong questions, but having said that, that’s the journey to understanding options :slight_smile:

You are trading without understanding. Do one thing - throw a note of Rs. 500/- on the road and come back home. See what is your psychology. Does that affect you? If not, go ahead and take this trade.

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That’s true @Vij