Is this right time to buy balanced mutual funds?

I want to invent 4-5 lakhs in different balanced mutual funds but don’t know when I should. These days North Korea tensions are draging the markets down. Should I invest now or wait more days? if not now when I should invest.

You should not put lump sum in one go.

Invest 20% at a time.

Thank you for your advice, I will take care of it. but is it the right time to start?

No timing for Investment. You can start any time

The balanced fund consists of both Equity and Dept funds, so it depends on which funds you want to go for high returns in short period of time but comparing funds portfolio.

Do it in SIPS.That is the best way for a beginner.Timing in mutual fund investments is not a good thing to do

@Divaksh It’s not about the TIMING the market but TIME in the market :slight_smile: Just Do IT !!!
Divide into equal instalments which you feel comfortable. 6-12 months is a good time to distribute the lumpsum you have.