Is thr a way to switch to old kite chart

Hi, is thr a way to switch back to old kite … will only mention 1 major problem (out of many) thts the size of price bars … i used to trade judging the size of price bars n now the new update has made all price bars considerably longer n nw nt able to judge thm correctly … pls someone tell a way to change to old kite, if pos.

Wud request @siva @nithin to pls take note n atlst give an option to switch between new n old versions

Not sure what you are mentioning here, I am not able to find any difference, also one can zoom in/out to set as per your requirement. It will help if you can give more details on this.

Earlier whn used to open any stock in kite (default view), the ‘length’ of ALL price bars (whethr short or long) was way smaller than it is in new version, in all d stocks … v.sure on this as i ve been wrkn on a strategy n have saved arnd 250 charts n same scenario on all charts

The length of all price bars in current version, whn w open any stock ( default view) is much longer than it used to be, if u compare with old version … cn make it short bt its an extra step n mre imp, i ll have to fine tune my judgement on tht also (beside the length of price bars on which i trade)

Whn i compare saved chart with curent version chart of same date (of any stock), its v.mch noticeable … so mch tht it makes tradable stock, nt tradable
Pls give an option, if pos. to revert to old version

Not possible, but easy way is keep zoom in/out as you want and save it as preference, next time if you open any chart it will open with those settings only.