Is upi transfer working flawlessly?

hi all,

I use to do fund transfer via upi(googlepay), which use to work flawlessly a month back.

But since the last 3 days, i have been trying to make a upi transfer, which is not happening.

Upi transfer notification doesn’t appear on the phone.

So, is it app related, browser issue or only me issue? i contacted zerodha for which they said upi transfers are working smooth.

yes upi is free and instant, and i am trying to save few bucks in instant transfer. Man, trading is a hard game,can’t put unnecessary cost. Lol!

so folks, working fine at your end?

Are you using sbi magnetic card ?

Hey @ronin_sha

Are you receiving any particular error while making the transfer. Also, have you tried with an alternative UPI app?

UPI is working fine for me. It is app issue. I was having problem with BHIM but moving to iMobile, it started working fine.

This is an issue with the app/bank. Zerodha has nothing to do with this.