Is ur platform only for traders & not for investors? Why there is not a simple HTML based trading s/w?

I did not find a single AJAX based simple web interface to trade on your platform. All your tools are meant for TRADERS and NOT for INVESTORS :frowning:

What we want as a normal investor?

  1. The platform should be web based

  2. It should have simple interface like Google Finance with auto update (use Ajax)

  3. We really hate the black, red, green colors, those are shit

  4. The page background MUST be in white


I regularly use the simple HTML based platform offered by zerodha in

I am NOT talking about Z5 or Trade Express. I am talking about the home page where you have got the omsesys based NSE NOW interface (simple html platform). Since you want a simple one, you can use it. The background is also white there.

If you doesnt like anything I think you could use same google finance and use call-and-trade to place order… it is even simple for investors… no black or white…